Flo Rida grew up right here in SoFlo, and his music has made him an international star.

Now he’s cashing in with new technology and new music.

Deco got a good feeling and chatted with the star about his big Miami gig!

He’s going with the flow.

Flo Rida just dropped a new song called “Summer’s Not Ready,” and says you should brush up on your dance moves because this is the new summer anthem.

Flo Rida: “I feel like coming out of the pandemic, we needed an anthem, you know something that made us feel great to be outside again. And I mean, you know, anytime you’re talking about summer, if you gonna have a summer anthem, it definitely have to have everyone getting up off their feet dancing.”

New music isn’t the only thing he’s been working on.

Flo’s just started his own NFT company — you know, that cyprtocurrency thing — and sold a performance of his song, “Low,” as an NFT.

What does that even mean?

Flo Rida: “The company that I have is Emmersive Entertainment, which deals with non fungible tokens, nfts, and I’m excited because rather than having 2D images, our company we have 3D images. I got a chance to go up to DC to do my very first, where I, actually, NFT my record ‘Low’ because it went diamond. We got a chance to be on ’60 Minutes.’ Definitely shout out to Channel 7, but being on ’60 Minutes was a dream come true.”

When the singer’s not wearing his NFT CEO hat, you can find him promoting his artists signed to his IMG Strong Arm label.

Flo Rida: “Oya , she’s set to drop her new single featuring Trina very soon, it’s called ‘Ride the Stick.’ And International Nephew, he has a record out right now featuring Oya called ”Bout It.’ Those artists, in particular, have been traveling with me on the road doing shows, we’re just trying to broaden their fanbase.”

As if he isn’t busy enough, Flo’s gonna hit the stage tonight in Downtown Miami to help Miami celebrate its big birthday.

Flo Rida: “I am so excited, you know, it’s the 125th birthday of the city of Miami. I’m going out there, you know, I’m definitely gonna set the party off right”

Now, this is a summer Flo will definitely remember.

Flo Rida: “It’s an honor, such an honor being from Miami, Florida.”

You can catch Flo’s performance at tonight’s birthday celebration at 9:45 p.m. at the Miami-Dade Courthouse.

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