Experience this year’s San Diego Comic-Con from the comfort of home

Comic-Con is famous for people dressing up in their detailed costumes and pressing the flesh with their favorite stars. These days, there’s no flesh pressing anywhere. That means shaking hands, by the way, especially at conventions. But Comic-Con is pressing on virtually, and that could make it bigger than ever.

San Diego Comic-Con is a little different this year.

Though it’s Comic-Con at Home, it will still feature many fan-favorite elements.

David Glanzer, San Diego Comic-Con: “It’ll be an iteration as close to the convention as we possibly can. We’ll have a masquerade. We’ll have an art show. We’ll do film screenings and programming. We’re very, very excited that we have well over 300 programs. You get a front row seat, and there’s no lines.”

You can still put on your favorite costume then play along online.

David Glanzer: “From how-to videos and workshops on making props or costumes to studios offering different previews of upcoming movies or television shows with some of the networks.”

Among TV shows participating, Fox has a look at AI thriller “Next,” a “Family Guy” table read and more.

Comic-Con regular “The Walking Dead” also has a panel, so do movies like “The New Mutants” and “Bill & Ted Face the Music.”

David Glanzer: “We kind of gave each company parameters by which they could, you know, record their presentation.”

And of course, there’s cosplay with the masquerade competition and more.

David Glanzer: “We’ll do something called I think it’s ‘Cosplay at Home,’ which is, basically, if you’re in a costume, you know, send us pictures, and you will randomly pick some of the fun ones and feature them.”

Comic-Con-at-home starts Wednesday.

A program schedule for the virtual party is available at the link down below.


San Diego Comic-Con at Home

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