Bangkok meets South Florida!

A new restaurant and brewery is bringing unique flavors to the 3-0-5.

Barbecue and beer is about as typical a cuisine as you can get in America. But wait until you feast your eyes on Thai barbecue and beer.

“Est. 33,” established in Brickell City Centre in 2021.

This new spot is part restaurant, part Thai craft brewery, all deliciousness.

The name “Est. 33” references its creation in Thailand in 1933. Now it has a first home outside Asia, right here in South Florida.

Todd Space, head brewer: “It’s such a diverse culture down here, very similar climates. If you think about the humidity and the heat they’re gonna have in Southeast Asia, we have the same kind of feeling down here.”

Head brewer Todd Space thinks you should be coming here for both the food and beer. Who am I to argue with brew boy?

Todd Space, head brewer: “If you just try a little bit of everything and just kind of piecemeal together the food with the beverages… [chef’s kiss].”

The Thai craft brewery looks like Todd’s sanctuary. Everything is done with such precision.


Todd Space, head brewer: “I know a lot of people in the states think of Asian beer and they think it’s made with things like rice. These are all malt beers.”

Now about the food menu. We’ll leave that to Chef Oliver Lustado.

Chef Oliver Lustado: “We do the same technique of the American barbecue, but we’re changing most of the ingredients with Asian ingredients.”

You’re gonna wanna meat these Chinese pork ribs, or come out of your shell for the lobster jungle curry.

Chef Oliver Lustado: “It’s a red curry paste with grapes on it. It kind of balances out the spiciness and you get the sweetness from the lobster and the grapes.”

Arielle Hotz, customer: “We had the ribs, which was amazing. It had a sweet glaze over it. We also had lobster. It had lots of tastes — different tastes. It was amazing.”

Barbecue and beer with an Asian flair… all under one roof. Cheers to that.



Est. 33 Thai Craft Brewery & Kitchen
701 S. Miami Ave., Unit 412A Brickell City Centre
Miami, FL 33131

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