Enjoy good food at a good price during Eating House’s Italian Night

Money is tight for a lot of people these days, and Deco’s always looking for a good bargain. There’s a South Florida restaurant whose got weekly specials that’s sure to leave you full, and the price won’t break the bank.

So many of us are so over cooking at this point, so let the pros do it on what they call Italian Night.

Giorgio Rapicavoli, Eating House: “We figured people wanted to eat something they were familiar with, something delicious and just have this experience of getting to go out to a restaurant and feel good and feel comfortable. That is what we wanted to provide.”

When it comes to creating a good food deal, Eating House in Coral Gables used their noodle.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: “Wednesdays, that’s kind of my night, it’s kind of like a reflection of my heritage, and we do pasta night. We do five different pastas all for $15, and we do 25% off Italian wines.”

Mayra Heredia, customer: “We are tired of being at home. We want to get out, and going out and finding $15 delicious pasta is the best.”

Some of the pastas are Eating House staples like the pesto and carbonara.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: “This is a carbonara we have been making for eight years. It doesn’t change. It’s what people want to come here and eat.”

And there are other dishes made just for the night.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: “We do a pasta amatriciana on Wednesday nights that we don’t offer on the current menu. It’s got a little bacon and tomato. It’s a little bit spicy, which is a really interesting take on a classic pomodoro, which we offer as well.”

With Italian Night’s price, you’re saving a pretty penny.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: “The carbonara is almost half off. They are nice, hearty portions of pasta. We notice a lot of people eat half of it and take the rest home.”

Talk about dishing out a discount!

Giorgio Rapicavoli: “People come in and maybe we take a little bit of a loss because we aren’t making what we should be making, but people come back. They know it’s a good experience.”

Alia Nasser, customer: “I have to have carbs at least twice a week. This is the way I get my carb on. It’s economical, so I can afford it. It’s a great way to go out and treat myself.”


Eating House
804 Ponce de Leon Blvd.
Coral Gables, FL 33134

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