Ember in the Miami Design District mixes comfort food with flame cooking

New restaurants pop up all the time, so finding a different food concept can be difficult. Deco found a spot where comfort food meets flame cooking, and the result is delicious.

Things are on fire at Ember restaurant in the design district.

Brad Kilgore, Ember Miami: “Ember is a wood-fire American bistro, but what does that mean? It’s taking a lot of classic dishes either that I fell in love with as a young cook or chef that we all know and love and putting our touch on it.”

The restaurant’s name and style of cooking were both sparked from a love of fire.

One of the dishes that makes this place stand out: the fire-roasted lasagna.

Brad Kilgore: “We fire-roast the entire tureen itself, so you get that all the way around the edges, and you get that smoky flavor.”

The pasta dough is made fresh. The lasagna is pre-made. It’s layers upon layers of fire smoked goodness.

Brad Kilgore: “The lasagna itself is about 30 layers — 15 being pasta and the other 15 being the ricotta mousse. How we decided to build the lasagna with 30 layers is basically we thought the right ratio of pasta to cheese, and then we top it off with a grilled mushroom bolognese.”

The lasagna is vegetarian, but you don’t miss the meat thanks to the mushroom bolognese.

Brandon Kessler, customer: “All the flavors. It’s something so simple like lasagna, but it has such a unique flavor, and it’s great.”

The shrimp cocktail is also playing with fire.

Brad Kilgore: “We put the prawns directly on the charcoal before serving them classic and cold, but they get that charred and smoky flavor.”

In addition to a fiery take on food, Ember puts its own spin on salads, burgers and desserts.

Brad Kilgore: “The very first dish I thought of for Ember was about 10 years ago, and it was rice crispy treats.”

Ember’s rice crispy treat doesn’t come from a box of cereal.

Brad Kilgore: “We take wild grains, puffed rice, butter, house-made marshmallows, and we brown it all together in the pan. Serve it over dulce de leche in a warm iron-cask pan, and on top place dulce de leche ice cream.”

It’s made to order and has an Ember flare because it’s served in a hot cast-iron dish.

Brad Kilgore: “We’re having fun, and we’re giving you all your classics you love but with our little touch.”


Ember Miami
151 NE 41st St., Suite 117
Miami, FL 33137

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