Earth Day is Friday. And while we’re saving the planet one recyclable at a time, Deco found a designer who is out to save the planet — and making women look their best at the same time.

Fashion meets function with the Nomadic Collector.

Stefani De La O: “The Nomadic Collector is a sustainable luxury brand, travel and goods and accessories.”

Protecting the planet never looked so good, so we headed to one of South Beach’s best looking spots — the W Hotel, to check out the bags.

Stefani De La O: “A sustainable luxury brand means that the materials we use, as well as the design processes, are meant to be sustainable that are better for the environment. Fashion industry has become a very pollutant industry, and we are trying to change that.”

These timeless and elegant bags are manufactured in Costa Rica with the environment in mind.

Stefani De La O: “They are rare, exotic hard woods, but they have been planted for this specific purpose and then they are reforested so we don’t deplete the ones in the rain forest.”

The bags are a combination of wood and leather.

Stefani De La O: “In order to have sustainable leather is an oxymoron and people don’t understand that. The tannery we work with is singular in the world. They are integrated from cow to tannery. And 100 percent of the animal is used.”

The designs are lightweight and can be worn in different ways… perfect for a woman on the go.

Stefani De La O: “I tried to make bags that are hands-free, so they have some sort of chain or handle that allows you to have your hands free as big enough to actually fit things.”

All of the bags are named after something related to travel.

The Speedbird backpack is named for the British Airways call sign, and the duffle is named for an airline that was based in SoFlo.

Stefani De La O: “One of our unique pieces, the Chalks named after Chalks Airline — it’s a weekender that begins as a garment bag, and with a few snaps turns into a duffel.”

You won’t find a logo on a nomadic collector bag — they want the bags to be about your journey.

Stefani De La O: “They age beautifully, so they create a great patina.”

The bags have a lifetime guarantee and cost anywhere from $1,250 to $3,600.

Stefani De La O: “I believe investing in the Nomadic Collector is investing in a piece you will have for a very long time.”


The Nomadic Collector

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