A few moments of rest and relaxation? In Miami? That’s just crazy talk! But you’ll be having sweet dreams while you snooze at an art exhibit that is sticking around after Art Basel. All you have to do to appreciate this artwork is lie down.

Shhhhhhhh. It’s nap time.

This installation at the Museum of Art and Design inside Miami’s Freedom Tower wants you to relax.

Navild Acosta, artist: “Black Power Naps is a space that asks you to bring your body — and to be inside of your body — and be in conversation with rest, play and leisure.”

Relaxing? Among the hustle and bustle of Miami? What a welcome concept!

Navild Acosta: “This is a lovely juxtaposition to that. Sort of a gesture of take a break, take a breather.”

And there’s a social component here as well.

The creators of Black Power Naps want you to think of relaxation as something of a luxury, so while you’re getting comfy, they’re inviting you to consider people who don’t get that same chance.

Fannie Sosa, artist: “At the end of the day, it is designed to comfort the disturbed and to disturb the comfortable.”

We found plenty of very comfy people here!

Emani Castillo, attendee: “I’m super relaxed. I’m like floating on a cloud.”

The exhibit features all kinds of soothing beds. How about a water bed with a subwoofer?

Navild Acosta: “The sound that’s emanating from the base is healing the waters of your body through the vibration of the water in the water bed.”

Sink right into this bed of black beans filled with two tons of beans!

Fannie Sosa: “They go into the black bean bed, we hear ‘Oh, my God! This is so good!'”

There’s also a trampoline that doubles as a bed because of course it does! And ultimately, the artists want your experience of relaxing here to be something you use in everyday life.

Navild Acosta: “Black Power Naps does come home with you. It’s an idea as much as it is an installation.”

Black Power Naps will be around through Jan. 12. Admission is $12.


Museum of Art and Design @ MDC
600 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33132

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