Dolphins cheerleaders hold annual swimsuit fashion show for charity

The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders are used to getting fans energized on the sidelines, but now they’re gettin’ on the runway! Deco got a preview of the squad’s new fashion show and coffee table book. Let’s just say these girls got game.

We’re used to seeing the Dolphins cheerleaders on the field getting the crowd pumped!

Now, the girls will go from the gridiron to the runway for a fashion show extravaganza.

Dorie Grogan, Director of Entertainment: “We’re going to be putting on a spectacular runway show with beautiful swimsuit and styling and dancing, choreography. It’s a really special night for all.”

The girls will trade in their short shorts and pom-poms for swimwear with a creative twist.

Dorie Grogan, Director of Entertainment: “There’s so much creativity that goes behind every single piece that comes down the runway, and the girls get to be supermodels for a day, if you will.”

Amina will be one of the cheerleaders strutting her stuff. The Haitian-born beauty already has her own outfits picked out.

Amina: “The whole show is spectacular, what they have planned. I don’t wanna say too much, but it’s super exciting.”

The runway is clear for Paige. She’s ready to wow the crowd.

Paige: “It’s just gonna be an awesome show. Every year it’s been better and better, but I think this one like tops it all. It’s gonna be an incredible show.”

The cheerleaders will also be celebrating the release of their new swimsuit annual. Instead of the usual calendar, it’s a 100-page coffee table book filled with amazing photos.

Dorie Grogan, Director of Entertainment: “So we decided to expand it, turn it into a coffee table book. And this year, we traveled from Miami all the way to Key West, so the book really showcases what it’s like to live in South Florida.”

Terra is on her second season with the Dolphins. Shooting the photo annual was a dream come true.

Terra: “So much fun! I’ve never been to the Keys, so it was my first time going. It was just beautiful — so exotic, so gorgeous.”

Turns out, the book is beautiful in more ways than one — proceeds go to a very good cause.

Dorie Grogan, Director of Entertainment: “What’s really special about this night is that when we’re selling the book, all of the proceeds will be going towards hurricane relief efforts, and we’ll be doing some special projects throughout the Keys.”

You can check out the swimsuit fashion show at Hard Rock Stadium this Friday.

Tickets are still available at

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