Deco’s Lynn Martinez dances for charity

(WSVN) - So, as you know Lynn’s been taking dance lessons for a hot minute. She told everyone she was getting ready for a competition but it’s really for charity. This Saturday night was the ‘event.’ The night she said she hoped would never come… came.

And now the big reveal!

No no, wait.

Let’s go back.

Lynn Martinez: “I’ve never in my life taken a dancing lesson.”

I had nine weeks to learn how to tango.

Lynn Martinez: “[Bleep!]! Eh eh eh!”

My extraordinarily patient teacher Vladimir, at the Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Coral Gables — taught me everything.

Lynn Martinez: “Oh, sorry!”

Yes. It was hard.

Vladimir Kosarev: “Turn. Hold, knees together!”

Lynn Martinez: “Oh, shoot!”

All of this is to raise money for the American Cancer Society. My fan club there for support.

Supporter: “I think you’re gonna tear it up.”

Jeff Lennox: “Are you ready? She’s ready.”


Seven different couples perform.

Each couple has one pro from Fred Astaire Dance Studios – and one amateur.

Now I put my tango face on… it hides the fear.

Vladimir’s strong.

So far so good… I haven’t fainted yet.

Now the final lift.

Ta da!

Remember when this was me?

Vladimir Kosarev: “Turn… and lift…”

Lynn Martinez: “AHHHH!””

In the end we raised nearly a million dollars — and I found a new love: the tango.

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