They say ignorance is bliss. But smart people know that luxury is bliss. And that’s why Deco went on board Norwegian’s new luxury liner called the Bliss. Deco cruise director Chris Van Vliet his here with a look.

When they told me I was going on a cruise ship Tuesday, I was like “sounds like my weekend begins on a Tuesday!” Then they told me I’d only going on the ship for an hour — but then, they told me there was go-karts. Yeah, on a cruise ship.

Welcome aboard the Norwegian Bliss!

Chris Van Vliet: “So, if we compared this ship to the other Norwegian ships, how does it compare?”

Andy Stuart, President and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line: “She’s the biggest, obviously the newest, the one we’re most excited about.”

And what’s not to be excited about? The ship has room for 4,000 passengers and nearly 1,800 crew. And cruises are all about the activities and the food — and this has plenty of both.

Andy Stuart: “We have all of our old favorites. We have a wonderful steakhouse and teppanyaki restaurant and French restaurant, but here we’ve added a barbecue restaurant for the first time. We’ve added a chocolate restaurant that’s all sweets called Coco’s. We’ve added a Mexican restaurant.”

When it comes to activities, cool down on one of their waterslides, play a game of laser tag or why not go go-karting on the largest racetrack at sea — and the first one ever in North America!

Chris Van Vliet: “I can’t believe that we’re standing on a cruise ship right now and we’re going to race go-karts.”

Alex Vega, ‘The Auto Firm’: “That’s insane. It makes you want to take the cruise for like a week.”

Alex Vega from “The Auto Firm” is the guy in Miami when it comes to custom cars. He’s known for pimping out celebrity rides, but here on the Norwegian Bliss, he designed some one-of-a-kind go-karts.

Alex Vega: “Did a metallic custom color for it. Steering wheel has our color. We did some custom seats. You don’t see these on the race cars. Get to sit on leather instead of the plastic.”

The racetrack is 1,000 feet long, over two stories and the cars go more than 30 miles an hour — but enough talking about it, let’s race!

Chris Van Vliet: “Woo! Oh yeah!”

So, of course I showed you that race first — but after that one, Alex beat me, again … and again … and again.

It’ll be a little while before you can cruise on the Norwegian Bliss. It’s going to spend the summer in Seattle doing Alaskan cruises and then it’ll be back in Miami in November for seven-day Caribbean cruises.


Norwegian Bliss

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