A new series this fall will get your toes tapping. “Monarch” will be like watching a country music concert with a side of family issues. The new show is set to premiere in September but Deco couldn’t wait ’til then so we got the scoop from one of the stars, Trace Adkins

Fox’s new series, “Monarch” combines a Hollywood superstar with a country crooner. The show stars Academy Award winner, Susan Sarandon and Grammy nominee, Trace Adkins.

“Monarch” is about a famous musical family. They have as much drama as they do talent.

For Trace, one of the draws for starring in the show was the music.

Trace Adkins: “The coolest thing musically for me has been the opportunity to do some of these cover songs that I never would have touched myself. I never would have dreamed of going into the studio and recording, covering a Merle Haggard song, Willie Nelson song, or Waylon Jennings.”

The story is made for TV but, Adkins makes sure the writers stick to the facts.

Trace Adkins: “I noticed in the script a couple times they said something about maybe Johnny Cash or something, and I just went, ‘excuse me that’s not true.”

In addition to “Monarch,” Trace is on tour. He loves that his fans still appreciate his classics as much as they love the new stuff.

Trace Adkins: “Every light in the house is on every night we kick that song off, and you just do those first few notes, and people just start clapping and I mean it’s like, you know, it never gets old.”

Trace is keeping busy and, that’s just the way he likes it!

Trace Adkins: “The music is always underlying everything and that’s what drives the whole train, and that’s kind of the way it is for me.”

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