The Elevator Boys are not some elevator repair contractors, they’re TikTok sensations!

Who got their start shooting videos in an elevator. But as they told me, they have bigger dreams of becoming a boy band.

The Elevator Boys are going up.

Elevator Boys: “You’ve got my heart, don’t need nobody else, you’re everything I want.”

To the next level of Hollywood!

Elevator Boys: “What’s up? We’re the Elevator Boys.”

First, the five friends from Germany were TikTok sensations.

Tim Schaecker: “I think consistency is the main key for that.”

Jacob Rott: “And also being relatable. Maybe just create a video about the emotions everyone feels sometime.”

Jacob Rott: “We’re so aware of where we come from, the whole social media background, which was very nice for us in the beginning. And then on the way, we found a way to do music and we love it and we want to make it as big as possible.”

But now.

Julien Brown: “Basically like we said our main goal is becoming a boy band and really learning, you know, the art behind doing music. And definitely long-term goal is to perform live someday.”

Elevator Boys: “But as long as you hold me, I will never be going, no.”

Alex Miranda: ‘Which boy bands do you guys look up to the most? There have been so many great examples, especially in my time.”

Bene Schulz: “I would say the Backstreet Boys, of course. Like they are big. You know it’s crazy the influence they had on the years you experienced yourself, you said.”

I set myself up for that. The crew are living an American Dream together.

Luis Freitag: “I’m probably the one who wants it the cleanest. Tim’s room looks pretty beat up.”

Tim Schaecker: “I have another competitor haha.”

Dropping their first official single the feel-good escape anthem “Runaway,” just last year.

Elevator Boys: “Just you and me for seven days, seven nights, wake up on a Saturday by your side.”

Wait a minute. That’s really catchy.

Tim Schaecker: “We were like ‘alright, cool, people actually like it,’ haha and then we took our time in the lab and now there’s a whole bunch of stuff coming.”

Then the heartbreakers released this.

Elevator Boys: “Got me going on repeat, I’m already in too deep, I don’t want to ruin me for you.”

A music video for “Ruin Me.” Two words you might just say out loud while watching it.

Jacob Rott: “Gotta check it out. As you said, you would describe it ‘sexy or spicy,’ ha.”

But their next shot at the charts is coming in just weeks.

Luis Freitag: “It’s going to be a little bit more of a sweeter vibe you could say.”

Finally for the ambitious boys, international superstardom. Well, that’s the plan but first an EP coming out this summer.

Jacob Rott: “We just wanted to create as much as possible to get our taste in music in between this group and I feel like now with the upcoming EP we’ve got a good mix.”

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