Taylor Swift, with classical twist: String quartet plays popular hits by candlelight

It’s Taylor Swift like you’ve never heard her before. It’s a unique way to listen to all your favorite tracks, with a classical twist, and it’s all happening in the heart of Miracle Mile.

It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a concert with a different kind of spin.

The intimate candlelight setting provides the perfect escape from the humdrum world, at least for an hour.

Chekeshia Kane: “This is a unique experience to fever, the classical concerts take place in many locations and they focus on many different artists. This one tonight is Taylor Swift.”

Swifties were in for a treat last night as they got to hear some of Taylor’s most popular hits played by a string quartet.

Kristin Baird, performer: “I play violin and viola, so I try to help out where they need, but it’s assigned to me.”

The concert took place at the Hotel Colonnade in Coral Gables.

The entire rotunda of the hotel was lit with hundreds of candles to give the audience a truly beautiful, magical night.

Chekeshia Kane: “It’s just such a unique experience. The musicians are excellent, and obviously, being in such a beautiful location, surrounded by beautiful lighting, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

It’s definitely not your grandmother’s classical music, though there is a night for that, too.

The musical choices are usually relatable and accessible to people of all ages, and you get a bit more personality, too.

Kristin Baird: “It’s not the traditional string quartet. You get to know each of us in the quartet. We all talk, it’s awesome music, it’s a great venue, and drinks, food, and, yeah, what else could you want?”

So, if you’re looking for an idea for a date night or something fun to do with a friend, there’s always a new artist to listen to.

Gaby Velasco: “Tonight was awesome; everything was really enjoyable. We had some wine, it was really great scenery, everybody was super nice. I really enjoyed it.”

And fans in the audience weren’t the only ones buzzing. The musicians were also feeling the excitement, too.

Kristin Baird: “Swifties show up in full force, and it makes it a lot of fun on stage when you can feel the energy and the excitement, and it really helps us feed off of it, and it really reminds me why I’m doing this.”

And there’s something for everybody at every show. Taylor’s just one of the many artist the quartet covers.

The next show is May 1 at Jungle Island. To purchase tickets, click here.

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