Wanna catch a movie this weekend? The options are figuratively endless! We do have a few suggestions, if you don’t mind.

There’s romance, action, horror and even a pandemic film, not that we wanna relive that. Here’s this week’s Showtime.

Jennifer Coolidge (as Carol Fowler): “I’ve been looking forward to this moment ever since baby Tommy was cut out of my abdomen.”

It’s an unforgettable wedding — for all the wrong reasons.

In Prime Video’s “Shotgun Wedding,” Jennifer Lopez, Josh Duhamel, Jennifer Coolidge, Cheech Marin and Sonia Braga find themselves in a crazy situation — not because some kooky guest got drunk and hit the dance floor, but because gunmen crash the wedding … and they didn’t even bring a gift.

Ruby Modine (as Serena): “Let’s promise to be completely honest with one another. We tell each other our most personal fears.”

In “Fear,” a group of friends go on a weekend getaway. Sitting around a campfire; they share what freaks them out most.

And guess what? Each of those terrors start to unravel in real life. How do they stop it? Face your fear and watch the movie.

Bob Odenkirk stars in “Life Upside Down.” He’s an art dealer who’s life gets upended by the lockdown during the pandemic.

With nowhere to go, and no one to see except his wife, he’s forced to analyze his relationships and himself.

Kevin D. Benton (as Wedding Guest): “She’s throwing it to Michelle. Michelle catches the flowers, you get married next. Your life’s all set.”

I do or I don’t. It seems like a simple question, but not in the movie “Maybe I Do.”

Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey are at crossroads, deciding if they should tie the knot, so they get their families together for a first-time meet-up. Chaos ensues.

Turns out, they’re practically already family, because both sets of parents have been hooking up, just not with their respective spouses.

Eddie Murphy (as Akbar): “So you want to marry my daughter?”

Jonah Hill: “Yes, yes. I mean, I do.”

Jonah Hill wants to marry Eddie Murphy’s daughter in “You People,” but Eddie is a hard man to impress, and he doesn’t make it easy for Jonah’s character to fit in with the fam.

It’s a story of modern love and societal expectations. So, does love win?

Eddie Murphy (as Akbar): “I’m gonna pull the car over and do an impression of an [expletive] whooping in a minute.”

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