Nothing marks the start of the weekend quite like a new movie. This week, there’s four of them, and the best part is, you don’t even have to leave the house to check them out.

Luke Bracey (as Alexander): “I need to disable your command center, so I will be getting into that room.”

Elsa Pataky (as Captain J.J. Collins): You want this room? Come and get it.”

Don’t mess with a woman on a mission.

In Netflix’s action thriller “Interceptor,” Elsa Pataky plays a former Army captain trying to stop a terrorist attack on a military vessel.

You think she got some fighting tips from her hubby, Chris Hemsworth?

Kara Joy Reed (as Marie St. Laurent): “They have developed a single bomb that could destroy an entire city.”

James Maslow (as Captain David Holden): “No.”

Michael Wayne Foster (as Captain Rolf Werner): “Do not forget our orders. No survivors.”

The battle rages on in the historical action film “Wolf Hound.”

James Maslow stars as a World War II pilot whose plane gets shot down by Nazi forces. Now he’s gotta rescue his crew and stop the Axis powers from winning the war.

“Wolf Hound” is streaming On Demand.

Bowen Yang (as Howie): “I come here, I just feel terminally alone.”

James Scully (as Charlie): “Oh, are you all right?”

Bowen Yang (as Howie): “It’s fine. It happens all the time.”

James Scully (as Charlie): “Do you want some whiskey? It would help with your knees. You can trust me, I’m a doctor.”

Sparks are flying in the Hulu rom-com “Fire Island.”

The film follows a group of queer best friends on their annual summer getaway, but when things don’t go as planned, their bonds are pushed to the limit.

Grace VanderWaal (as Stargirl Caraway): “I guess I didn’t think that we’d be moving again so quickly.”

Judy Greer (as Ana Caraway): “I thought you liked going on adventures.”

Grace VanderWaal (as Stargirl Caraway): “Going on adventures is one thing, but having your whole life be an adventure is another.”

Stargirl heads to the City of Angels in Disney+’s “Hollywood Stargirl.”

The sequel film, starring Grace VanderWaal and Judy Greer, follows Susan and her mom as they move to Los Angeles.

Expect lots of adventures, music and big dreams.

Uma Thurman (as Roxanne Martel): “That was a keeper. Let’s take a break.”

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