If you’re dying to see “No Time to Die,” you’re in luck. It is finally here. Even if you’re not dying to see James Bond, you still have options, in this week’s Showtime.

Somebody woke James Bond up after September ended. In “No Time to Die,” the former 007 interrupts his retirement to rescue a kidnapped scientist.

But the mission gokes sideways, leading him to a total creep with a dangerous new technology.

In case you havooen’t heard, this is Daniel Craig’s last Bond flick.

Daniel Craig: “I look back and just have such amazing memories, and I wanted just to use all of that energy from the movies, all of that, and just push it into this film.”

Barbara Hershey (as Judith Albright): “Whatever I see at night, it’s real.”

Katie A. Keane (as Barbara): “Mom, we all want you to feel better.”

Barbara Hershey (as Judith Albright): “Why won’t you believe me?”

Things get pretty spooky at “The Manor.”

A woman living in an assisted living home swears something evil is killing the residents. She just needs someone to believe her.

Elpidia Carrillo (as Anita): “How are you feeling? I got you this. It’s so important, for new mothers to be protected.”

Ariana Guerra (as Diana): “Do you know the woman who lived here before us?”

Having a baby is serious stuff. In “Madres,” it’s positively terrifying.

A young Mexican-American couple find that out the hard way when they move into an isolated farm.

First, there was “Pig.” Now, there’s “Lamb”.

This farm animal fright fest concerns a childless Swedish couple who are strangely drawn to a newly born sheep.

And when we say strangely, we’re not kidding. Mary never had a little lamb like this.

Noomi Rapace (as Maria, translation): “Go away!”

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