Richard Orlinski has been the biggest contemporary French artist in the world since 2015. Most of us have probably seen his sculptures on a screen. But now, we can now check out his works in real life, all over Lincoln Road, until March.

From creating sculptures for Justin Bieber and David Guetta, collaborating with Eva Simons for the song “Heartbeat,” and now teaming up with Torey Lanez and Nicky Jam for his latest music video, “I See,” artist Richard Orlinski’s been pretty busy with the music scene.

Richard Orlinski: “I wrote the song, I made the beat, I did the top line. Then Nicky Jam, Tory Lanez, they put on the song on the trac, and put their own top line, and we mixed it together.”

While making sure the song packs a lot of heart and positivity.

Richard Orlinski: “I want something that it has good vibes, of course, good energy, talking about love. It’s a bit like modern reggaeton.”

He didn’t forget to include some other pieces of his art in the song too…

Richard Orlinski: “I mix all my art together. For me, art is one thing. It’s not many things. Sculpture, music, painting, acting, it’s all together. We are all artists. We’re all creative.”

But instead of viewing the pieces on the screen, you can see them in real life on Lincoln Road.

The pop art fits right into the neighborhood.

Lyle Stern: “The art is an important piece of Lincoln Road, and the Orlinski sculptures are colorful, playful and happy give people another reason to stop and take a breath, take a picture and enjoy being here.”

The animals will be hard to miss, especially his iconic work: the Kong.

Richard Orlinski: “It is my emblematic animal because it can say what I want. It can play football, it can play tennis, it can drink and also The Kong is the monster with a great, great heart.”

Not to mention it’s completely free to get up close and personal with the work.

Richard Orlinski: “Gives people the chance to really get up against some beautiful art that’s been at other places around the world and enjoy the art.”

At least the ones on Lincoln Road won’t come to life.

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