This time of year, we are used to northerners coming south for the winter. This year, a Brooklyn favorite, Izzy’s Smokehouse, came south, too, and unlike the snowbirds., Izzy’s is sticking around.

Izzy’s Brooklyn Smokehouse in Aventura is hot.

Izzy Eidelman, Izzy’s Brooklyn Smokehouse: “It is a full-scale smokehouse operation that does live fire cooking. We are burning all wood. We are not using any gas smokers, none of that.”

They’ve been serving up flavorful barbecue at two spots in New York for years.

Now, SoFlo is getting in on this meat market.

Izzy Eidelman: “This is the first place I can interact with the customers, cook in front of them. We have our kitchen and we have a smoker in front.”

Shloime Nelken, diner: “I used to go to this place in New York, and it’s really nice to have it here now.”

When it comes to what they’re serving, Izzy’s answers to a higher authority.

Izzy Eidelman: “This is kosher, full service barbecue restaurant. We don’t have any dairy. We aren’t allowed to use pork.”

If you like meat, you’ve come to the right place.

Izzy Eidelman: “All of our briskets are prime beef, and they take to smoke anywhere from 14 to 18 hours.”

From lamb ribs to chicken, and from burnt ends to a Tex-Mex fave, you won’t leave hungry.

Izzy Eidelman: “We do a brisket taco, and we do a charred pico de gallo.”

If you’ve got a really big appetite, try the Dino Rib.

Izzy Eidelman: “The average weight of each rib we sell is about a pound and half.”

Moses Zippora, diner: “It’s a little bit of heaven on Earth right here. Delicious.”

This place is smoke’n good

Don’t just take our word for it.

Moses Zippora: “The food here is really sensational. I’ve been all over the world, and I’ve tried smoked food and steak. I’m blown away.”

Izzy’s Brooklyn Smokehouse
3585 NE 207 St., Suite C3
Aventura, FL 33180

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