Fifth Harmony and Little Mix both got their starts on TV shows. So did a tiny band known as One Direction, but these days, TV ain’t enough. It’s all about social media. Deco’s checking out a brand-new group that came together by the power of TikTok.

The Future X (singing): “Shock me with your touch, gimme gimme your love.”

The future is now for pop star The Future X.

The Future X (singing): “We good together, and that’s a fact. No strings attached, but baby, that’s all right.”

The group has three singers and four dancers, all hand-picked by music mogul Simon Fuller.

Everyone auditioned on TikTok to earn their spot.

Luke Brown: “There was a hastag challenge that popped up that was like, ‘Submit your music or submit your style of dancing to this contest to be in a group. I think it was like 300 million videos they went through to see our videos.”

Deco caught up with dancer Jayna Hughes and singers Luke Brown and Angie Green.

Luke Brown and Angie Green (singing in unison): “You know how to make me cry, when you give me those ocean eyes.”

Angie is from Miami, so she’s repping the 305 and can’t wait to perform in South Florida next month.

Angie Green: “Getting to this point in my career, being able to come back home and perform for the people who I love so much and have literally spent my whole life with is gonna be a really surreal moment.”

Luke Brown (singing): “Do you believe in perfect timing, ’cause we’re vibing, and we’re lighting up the room.”

The group’s also working on a music video for their single, “This Kind of Love.”

The Future X (singing): “This kind of love. This kind of love.”

Jayna Hughes: “It’s an anthem. It represents who we are as a group. We love spreading positivity and light into this world, and ‘This Kind of Love’ just shows that it’s OK to be who you are “

Angie Green: “This single is definitely gonna be groundbreaking for us.”

The group has only been working together for about six months, but they already know who they’d love to collab with in the future.

Luke Brown: “Doja Cat. Each of us, definitely Doja Cat. As a group collectively, we love Doja Cat. We love her music. We love her vibe and how she makes content.”

As for what’s next…

Angie Green: “It’s only gonna get better and better and better, and I can’t wait until we can have albums out.”

Luke Brown: “We are The Future X!” (take bow)

You can catch The Future X at 1-800-lucky in Wynwood on Aug. 16.

The Future X
143 NW 23rd St.
Miami, FL 33127

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