Listen up, beefcakes! There’s something special happening at a famous SoFlo steakhouse, but it’s more than just a meaty meal.

Deco is taking a bite out of an experience that’ll have you feeling like the rich and famous.

Dahhhling! Things are getting lit at Papi Steak in South Beach.

The iconic steakhouse is a fave among celebs like David Beckham, Kendall Jenner, and Snoop Dogg, but you don’t have to be famous to eat like the stars.

David “Papi” Einhorn, Papi Steak: “You’ll come in at any night, there will be some kind of celebrity, but we treat all our customers like celebrities.”

And, if you really want the VIP treatment, you gotta open the “beef case.”

David “Papi” Einhorn: “It’s one of the hottest items right now. Everybody’s loving it. It’s going viral on TikTok, all over social media.”

Forget bottle service, because Papi Steak is serving up a $1,000 beef service.

David “Papi” Einhorn: “The whole restaurant kinda pops off when we do the beef case show. All of a sudden, the lights dim, and all the servers kinda come around the table and they bring the briefcase out. When you open it up, you get the smoke comes out, and then you just look and you see this big, 55-ounce wagyu steak right in front of you.”

You heard right! Inside the blinged out briefcase is a massive 55-ounce Tomahawk Wagyu steak that’s been enjoyed by people like Fat Joe and Conor McGregor.

The Tomahawk even gets branded with a special Papi Steak logo right in front of you before the case closes, and it’s off to the kitchen.

The whole presentation was actually inspired by a famous scene from “Pulp Fiction.”

Samuel Jackson (as Jules Winnfield): “Vincent, we happy?”

John Travolta (as Vincent Vega): “Yeah, we happy.”

David “Papi” Einhorn: “Nobody actually knows what’s in the briefcase. That’s where I came up with the idea that what’s in the briefcase was a Papi Steak all along.”

Case closed! Well, just for a few seconds, ’cause now it’s time to season and cook this bad boy! It’s OK, we’ll wait.

Now we’re ready to slice and serve.

The steak comes with tons of sauces, including the signature Papi secret sauce.

Dig in, ladies.  

Kimberly Zebrauskas, diner: “Honestly, I thought it was the best steak I ever had. It’s incredible. It’s unlike anything I ever had before. The whole presentation, I felt like it was just this crazy party and everyone was involved, and it was so much fun.”

Papi Steak
736 1st St.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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