A new year can bring on a lot of stress, from thoughts about eating healthier or why you only got two likes on that really pretty selfie. It’s stressful. Some say you have to let go of your mind to achieve inner peace. Well, we found a silent event that’s all about mind travel.

The mind is complex, and if freeing your mind is part of your new year’s resolution for 2023, start with a simple trip to the beach.

Murray Hidary: “We’re here in beautiful South Beach on 21st Street, and we bring together music, nature and community to create a magical transportive experience, and it’s all done as a silent concert.”

Yes, you heard right: a silent concert, and it’s all done through wireless headphones.

Murray Hidary: “Mind travel is a piano experience where, from first note to last note, is an uninterrupted musical journey. It’s all improvised. The music is immediate and intimate. And then, what we find is that people aren’t just sitting and watching, but they’re actually walking the landscape, this beautiful incredible beach.”

With about 800 people gathered together, it’s hard not to feel the energy.

Murray Hidary: “As you’ll see, people will bring their blankets and beach chairs. They might bring a picnic, so they’ll enjoy relaxing with friends. You’ll see some people kind of finding their own improvised movement, dancing, listening to the music and really connecting with nature deeply, and that freedom, where you’re not stuck on your seat and you can really move around and express yourself, right, is so powerful.”

Every mind travel event is different, and for this journey the full moon is significant.

Murray Hidary: “I’ve done this in the West Coast and the East Coast. On the West Coast, we got those beautiful sunsets, but here we get those beautiful moon rises. The full moon represents the culmination of a beautiful cycle from new moon to full moon, and all of life is cycles.”

For concertgoers, it was a unique experience that left them wanting more.

Kamaria Dailey: “It’s my first time coming here. It was beautiful. It was meditative. It was therapeutic. It was peaceful. I mean it’s like a beautiful night, under the moon, full moon. A lot of people, and everyone is sort of of like in their own world. At the same time, we’re all here altogether. You have this amazing pianist playing right under the full moon. I thought that was special. It was a really special experience, actually. Yeah, I would come back.”

Don’t worry, mind travel will be back next month.


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