It’s so hot in South Florida, ice cream should be the official cool-down snack.

While chocolate and vanilla are staples, some SoFlo ice cream parlors are taking flavors to a whole new level.

Dasher and Crank in Wynwood is doing you a flavor, and they’ve got ’em all.

Peanut butter crunch, chocolate, strawberry with guava, salmon and cream cheese.

Wait, what?

Daniel Levine: “We are serving a really wild flavor: salmon cream cheese ice cream. It is a homemade cream cheese ice cream with poached blue glazed salmon and fresh dill.”

This ice cream shop is turning a brunch staple into a frozen treat.

It kind of tastes like eating a salmon cream cheese bagel, and it totally works.

So, here’s the scoop.

Daniel Levine: “We make our cream cheese base, and we poach some salmon fillets in it with some fresh dill.”

Don’t worry, you don’t get any chunks of salmon in it.

Daniel Levine: “We do infuse the flavor of the salmon into the cream cheese base with the fresh dill and then strain it out.”

And since it reminds you of a bagel, top it off like one.

Daniel Levine: “Sometimes we will top the salmon cream cheese ice cream with everything topping, rather than sprinkles.

Sounds fishy, but it works.

Penelope Madic: “When I first saw it I was scared, but when I tasted it, it actually tasted good.”

At Little Havana’s Azucar, people are going bananas for a fun and funky flavor.

Suzanne Batlle: “One of our unique ice creams is plantanos maduros ice cream, which is fried banana ice cream, one of my favorites.”

Fried plantain ice cream? Tell us more!

Suzanne Batlle: “These platanos, since they are fried, are super moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside, so every time you take a bite of this ice cream it’s like candy.

Fried plantains get cut up, put into an ice cream base, then blended with a little rum, and when it comes out of the ice cream machine, the “banana-y” goodness is layered with even more fried plantains!

Rachel Jordan: “It’s sweet and a little savory mixed in, but it has some depth with the different texture as well.”

This out of the box flavor is really appealing.

Suzanne Batlle: “For us, it’s about eating something that is so great and making it into an ice cream.”


Dasher & Crank

Azucar Ice Cream Company

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