For a South Florida band, the Collektives dare to be different. The Miami-based group is led by a Latina with a massive musical pedigree but instead of churning out Latin or reggae rhythms, they flat-out rock! Deco’s resident head-banger, Alex Miranda, has all the deets.

When the Collektives hit the stage, expect the unexpected. This local band loves thinking outside the box.

Tatiana Blades: “I like songs that are more obscure, like the Cure, “Zombie,” songs like those were really the ones that I would choose to sing.”

That worked for a while in the clubs until the blowback came.

Tatiana Blades: “And then we got told that we needed to play more upbeat stuff, that people didn’t want to go somewhere to hear slow, sad music. A lot of people here, they want upbeat, they want Latin, they want reggaeton, not rock.”

Not fitting into other people’s musical expectations comes naturally for lead singer Tatiana Blades.

Her father Roberto and her uncle Ruben are Grammy-winning Latin music legends. They wanted her to follow in their footsteps.

That wasn’t to be — no matter what they said.

Tatiana Blades: “‘Come on, Tatiana this is what you got, this is your name, let’s put this, let’s do this,’ and again I just very much didn’t like it, and I didn’t follow it.”

The band knows what they want to do.

Eddy Gatoe: “We kinda play by our own rules forget about necessarily people who are just about going to a certain genre, certain scene. We’re appealing to the masses.”

The group pumps out cool original songs like, “All Within Me.”

Catch them on the right night and you’ll hear their version of “Zombie.”

The future’s wide open for The Collektives.

Whatever comes next, they’re happy being who they are.

Tatiana Blades: “Regardless of whether this goes this far, whether we explode, our music is being heard.”

The Collektives have a number of gigs coming up in the next few months.

For more information on The Collektives, click here.

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