St. Patrick’s Day is finally here. Not that you need an excuse to throw back a few green ones. If you want to celebrate big time, we know two great options. Deco’s Alex Miranda has the deets.

The Irish are lucky.

Alex Miranda: “St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that is beloved by everybody. I mean, it doesn’t matter where you’re from.

Emi Guerra: “The food is phenomenal, the drinks are great, the beer is flowing.”

And now this 2-for-1 drink deal?

Emi Guerra: “You buy a shot of Irish whiskey, and you get a free Harp beer with it.”

Alex Miranda: “Now, is that dangerous to mix? Not that I haven’t done it before.”

At John Martin’s Pub and Restaurant.

Emi Guerra: “It’s rooted on tradition. It’s been around since 1989.”

The Coral Gables institution is throwing a St. Patrick’s Day street fair for free.

Emi Guerra: “Everything from entertainers, stage, live music.”

Guest: “It sounds like I’m in Ireland for the day, right?

Through midnight, and closing down…

Emi Guerra: “Salzedo and Aragon. The entrance is through Miracle Mile.”

Where shamrock shakes are only a spritz of the spirit.

Emi Guerra: “Our mini ossobuco bites, which are great and you can eat with your hands, quite delicious. Also, our chicken wings in an Irish whiskey glaze, that’s phenomenal as well. Our John Maertin’s burger will also be served out there. That’s also a nice handheld thing, and the last two things would be our bangers and mash.”

Wanna amp up the energy? How about the largest free St. Patrick’s Day celebration in South Florida?

Swarm returns for a block party at Wynwood Marketplace, with everything a leprechaun could ask for … and this one goes on and on and on, until 3 a.m.

The festivities at Wynwood Marketplace include a psychic who told me that I’m going to marry a very wealthy and attractive Irish man.

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