They’ve done two movies and a long-running series together. Now, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are back together on the big screen starring in the dark comedy “Moving On.”

Jane Fonda’s got a killer role in the new movie “Moving On.”

Let’s just say she’s got revenge on her mind when she goes to her friend’s funeral and sees her friend’s husband.

Jane Fonda (as Claire): “Do you have any poison?”

Lily Tomlin (as Evelyn): “I have a cyanide pill in case I’m captured by the enemy. You can have it.”

So, why is she so mad at him? Well, you’ve got to watch the movie to find out.

Anyway, she asks Lily Tomlin to help her.

Lily Tomlin (as Evelyn): “I’m in.”

Jane Fonda (as Claire): “You’re in what?”

Lily Tomlin (as Evelyn): “My other murder canceled this week, so I’ve got time.”

Jane and Lily have teamed up — for “9 to 5,” “80 for Brady” and “Grace and Frankie.” So…

Paul Weitz: ‘One day the called me up, probably from the set of “Grace and Frankie,’ and Lily said, ‘Hey, we’re sitting here talking, and we want you to write a movie for us,’ and it stuck in my head.”

And that’s when “Moving On” was born.

Lily Tomlin (as Evelyn): “It’s been four and a half decades.”

Jane Fonda (as Claire): “Feels like it was yesterday.”

“Moving On” is now playing in theaters.

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