You stretch, you breathe, you improve. Yoga is great, but it’s pretty routine. That’s what I thought — until we found a class that’s really lights out.

Get up and glow.

At Inhale Miami, you don’t have to be a pro to shine bright. Their blacklight aerial yoga classes promise a good time on the ground and in the air.

Rivkah Rikki Kamensky, owner: “People like to feel like they’re going to a party without having to drink or stay out too late, so this is a way for people to get body painted, to go upside down, to do the yoga with a little extra pizzazz.”

It’s a fabric party like no other. Not only do you use the hanging fabric to have fun and get a killer workout, but attendees are also encouraged to dress the part.

Nothing but neon? Yes, please!

Meredith Weil, instructor: “People have really enjoyed the fun. It really helps you connect with your inner child. It’s a playful way to get fit and have fun.”

No need to break a sweat if you’re new to yoga. These classes are open to everyone.

Meredith Weil: “Most of the classes here at Inhale are all-level, so the teachers are able to offer modifications or different alternative to the postures in case someone does not have prior experience to yoga.”

Inhale Miami has offered their air glow sessions four times in the past, but next month’s event, just in time for Art Basel, is shaping up to be something extra special.

Meredith Weil: “We’re gonna be working on creating shapes in the silks that are very creative. So it’s gonna be about being inside the silk and using the silk as an extension of a paintbrush. Using the body as a canvas.”

If you need some more convincing … think of the ‘Gram!

December’s class will also include complimentary UV body painting sessions, so your pictures, like your poses, are sure to pop.

Inhale Miami’s next Air Glow, Blacklight Aerial Yoga class, is set for Dec. 1 at 7:30 p.m.

You can pre-register for $35 or pay $45 at the door.


Inhale Miami – Air Glow Aerial Yoga
6310 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33138
(786) 391-1897

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