It’s time to expose yourself in Broward County. Keep your clothes on. The Fifth annual Fort Lauderdale Art and Design Week is underway, where full exposure to all sorts of creativity is yours for the taking.

Imagination and talent rule the day at Fort Lauderdale Art and Design Week.

Evan Snow: “From visual to performing arts to music to immersive light projection experiences, there’s spoken word events. There’s literally something for everybody.”

Videos are projected onto the walls of the Museum of Discovery and Science.

Actually, the entire county becomes one huge presentation space for artists and their works.

Evan Snow: “This is one of the only times throughout the whole year that you can literally access and engage in the arts from North Broward in Pompano, all the way to South Broward in Hallandale Beach and Hollywood.”

You’ll get your mind blown in a good way at “Ignite Broward” inside Mad Arts.

Phillip Dunlap: “Ignite Broward focuses on the intersection of art and technology, so we’re sourcing the top artists nationally and internationally that work in this medium.”

Be prepared to be amazed.

Phillip Dunlap: “So what you’re gonna see is a mixture of projection mapping, you’re gonna see a mixture of other light-based art installations that are really at the forefront of art and technology.”

One of the coolest interactive pieces is called “Sound Sculpture.”

You compose music by doing some not-so heavy lifting.

Phillip Dunlap: “And as you move these light sculptures throughout the space, you’ll be able to stack them and move them and manipulate pitch, rhythm, create chords and melodies, all as you experience this art.”

Your ears and eyes are truly in for a treat.

Don’t know how to play the marimba?

Don’t even know what it is?

You will, and you’ll do some creating of your own before you leave.

Maria Finkelmeier: “The bars of the marimba will light up, so we’ll kind of guide you through how to make it sound beautiful, and then your movement is being tracked, so your movement will actually make the visuals that surround you.”

With so much art and so little time, make it up to Broward where Ignite promises you’ll have a blast.

Phillip Dunlap: “What we hope you take away from experiencing Ignite is that this is a truly unique experience to South Florida. You can’t get this anywhere else. This is the place to be.”

Ignite Broward
Jan. 25-29

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