If you can’t make it to the Miami Grand Prix, there are plenty of events in SoFlo to get your motor running. Our Alex Miranda is on South Beach checking out a racing event that’s grand free.

Race weekend is finally here, bus so is FTX Off the Grid.

Louis Frangella, FTX Off the Grid: “Everyone either has some sort of Formula One team hat on or is asking if you’re going to the race.”

It’s a free three-day festival on South Beach.

Louis Frangella: “From the drink perspective, we’ve got everything to cool you off. It’s pretty hot out here.”

Where crypto is king, and NFTs are … well, let me let him explain.

Mad Dog Jones, NFT artist: “It’s just buying digital art in a digitally native state from digital artists.”

One hundred sixty-five thousand square feet of sand have gone electric.

Louis Frangella: “We have an NFT creation station where you can actually create an avatar or NFT of yourself, and a T-shirt gets printed for you with your avatar on it.”

Alex Miranda: “Cool, let’s see. Oh, man, I can’t believe it’s free. This is incredible, right?”

Mine is really more what I’d like to look like.

Alex Miranda: “But one thing that I did get right was the glasses.”

And since it’s all beachfront … wait, is that Stella Artois airstream?

OK, back to the event.

Basketball player at FTX Off the Grid: “OK, you’re gonna do a simple hand-off, I’m gonna have you hold the ball just like this, I’m gonna grab it, do a trick and make the dunk.”

Naw, I’m too short for this. Let me grab Burnie instead.

Burnie and the Miami Heat Dancers will be hyping up the crowd all through Sunday.

Alex Miranda: “Is there a dance move that I could somehow not butcher?”

Miami Heat Dancer: “Yeah.”

And you won’t believe this two-story venue is free, too.

Louis Frangella: “Our VIP lounge that has some really great views of the ocean and of the city.”

The perfect spot to watch Disclosure close out the festival Sunday night in a ticketed show.

But now, let’s get to these babies, which you can win at auction.

Mad Dog Jones: “I just really wanted to do something wild.”

NFT artist Mad Dog Jones used every color in the Crayola box for this beauty.

Mad Dog Jones: “Mercedes was like, ‘No, like, go for it.'”

The only question: where do you park it?

Mad Dog Jones: “A total experience for whoever gets it.”

And, if you want to win a real piece of the Miami Grand Prix, how about literally a piece of…

Louis Frangella: “A Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One car. You’re getting the IRL, the real rear ring of the car that Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are going to be driving around the track, so if you’re watching at this weekend, you’ll be able to see it.”

FTX Off the Grid is free an open to the public all weekend long from noon to 6 p.m.

FTX Off the Grid
Ocean Drive and 10th Street

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