I know some folks are dog people and some are cat people, but I am both. Why decide? Fox’s hit show “Call Me Kat” is all about, you guessed it, dogs. OK, no really, it’s about friends and their beloved cat cafe. Deco got the scoop on season 3.

“Call Me Kat” is a purr-fect mix of fun, friends and felines. Mayim Bialik and her pals are headed back to the cat cafe for season 3 of the hit Fox show.

Mayim Bialik: “We’re a show about a group of people who are kind of all oddballs who kind of come together in a way that’s funny and, we hope, interesting.”

For co-star Cheyenne Jackson, working together is like catnip for the stars. They love it.

Cheyenne Jackson: “We’ve created this little family of sorts, and I just think there’s just a special sauce with the cast.”

In case you missed the end of season 2, Kat’s life, personal and professional, had some ups and downs, but Mayim doesn’t want that to overshadow who Kat is: a woman taking charge of her own destiny.

Mayim Bialik: “It was very important that this be a woman who’s kind of on her own journey, and yes, there have been love interests along the way, and we don’t want that to be the defining part of her character.”

Cheyenne’s all about his character finally getting his stuff together and thinks music is just what he needs.

Cheyenne Jackson: “I’d love Max really to find his voice, pun intended, because in season 2, his finances were, you know, were a mess. He was living in the basement. He really just didn’t know who he was.”

The Grammy nominee was a finalist on Fox’s “The Masked Singer,” and his own music’s been featured on “Call Me Kat,” including a song in season 2’s finale. 

Cheyenne Jackson: “I wrote it for a family member who was suffering with depression years ago, and I just kind of never did anything with it, and I thought, ‘This could be a great song that Max would write for Kat,’ so yeah, it’s called ‘Celebrate Your Face.’ It’s a big, fun, juicy summer jam. My kids will not stop singing it, and that’s always the sign, I think, that something is catchy.”

Since someone from “Call Me Kat” was on “The Masked Singer,” another crossover would be music to Mayim’s ears.

Mayim Bialik: “I love Ken Jeong. Like, I would love to have Ken on just because I think everything he touches is so, just becomes so much more interesting and sparkly.”

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