A good cup of coffee can get you through a whole morning, but how about a latte with a little health kick? At Hialeah Gardens’ newest coffee spot, feeling good is about taking care of what’s on the inside, and with their Rx lattes, you’ll be enjoying the good vibes all day long.

Surfaces (singing): “Feeling good, like I should.”

With a nice cup of joe from Hialeah Gardens’ newest hot spot, Feel Good Coffee Lounge.

Feel Good Coffee Lounge employee: “Feel Good Coffee Lounge is a coffee lounge where we’re going to serve specialty coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, smoothies, and what we call Rx lattes.”

Their Rx lattes are mixed with superfood powders made from different herbs, which are pre-dried and ground for extra antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Feel Good Coffee Lounge employee: “We have the Rose, which comes with beet root powder, which is great for circulation. We have the Charcoal, which comes with charcoal, and that one is great for detox.”

If you want a mood-enhancing latte, then their Butterfly Pea is the way to go.

Feel Good Coffee Lounge employee: “It’s great for anxiety and stress, and it just relaxes you. That one does not have coffee, so it’s a latte without coffee.”

Grab a quick bite for lunch, like an açaí bowl, or something on the nutty side.

Feel Good Coffee Lounge employee: “We do have the Nutella croissants.”

Aida Oropesa: “It’s very fluffy and flaky and buttery inside. I love the touch of fruit on the side, ’cause you have that sweet and tart kind of mix going on, which is great.”

The lounge has come a long way since its early days.

Feel Good Coffee Lounge employee: “We started in farmers’ markets a year ago. After seeing that people really liked what we were serving, I decided to go for it and create a space where they can actually enjoy it under the AC.”

You can get your work done on your break, or enjoy a little time with your friends, because feeling good is more than what you put in your body.

Feel Good Coffee Lounge employee: “I want them to feel a part of a community, because this is an all-inclusive place. You go to Brickell, you go to Midtown, you go to South Beach, and you find places like this. Not here, and I wanted to bring that here to us in Hialeah Gardens.”

Feel Good Coffee Lounge
13750 NW 107th Ave., Suite 112
Hialeah Gardens, FL 33018

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