A classic comedy is getting a remake, and Miami is in the spotlight. Gloria Estefan and Andy Garcia star in “Father of the Bride.”

For more, here’s Alex Miranda — always a bridesmaid, never the bride.

We are on Calle Ocho at the historic Tower Theater, and all of the stars, they’re so glamorous, and they’re about to start the movie at this big premiere.

We all love the 1991 “Father of the Bride.”

Kimberly Williams Paisley (as Annie Banks): “I’m engaged. I’m getting married.”

Steve Martin (as George Banks): “I’m sorry. What did you say?”

But South Florida has a ton of movie-worthy wedding drama, too, am I right?

Chloe Fineman (as Natalie Vance): “Daddy, what is the budget that we’re working with?”

Andy Garcia (as Billy Herrera): “How about that?”

Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan star in a 2022 remake, but this time, Mom and Dad are on the verge of a divorce.

Gloria Estefan: “I don’t think Latin men like therapy too much, so Billy has been sitting there for a year. Ingrid is a strong woman; that part, we’re very similar.”

Although … still married.

Alex Miranda: “What was he like as a kisser?”

Gloria Estefan: “He was a lovely kisser. He wasn’t one of these ridiculous kissers.”

Alex Miranda: “Both of you were married.”

Gloria Estefan: “Are. Still, thank God.”

But it’s no biggie.

Gloria Estefan: “If I had to kiss anyone, I think Andy would be a pass.”

Cuban and Mexican cultures clash.

Gloria Estefan: “The food, the music. At the core, we are still about extended family, even though the differences can cause some of the…”

Alex Miranda: “Drama?”

Gloria Estefan: “Drama.”

Their daughter Sofia, played by Adria Arjona…

Adria Arjona: “I want to be me, and this is the new me, and [my father] is just like, ‘I can’t cope.'”

Proposes to her boyfriend Adan, played by Diego Boneta, who says fake weddings are just as fun as the real ones.

Diego Boneta: “We were dancing till 7 a.m., a mariachi band playing ‘Get Lucky’ from Pharrell. All of them were going crazy.”

And Andy’s traditional character, Billy, yeah, he ain’t having none of that.

Andy Garcia (as Billy Herrera): “OK, you proposed?”

Adria Arjona (as Sofia Herrera): Yes.”

Andy Garcia: “I got to build my own house, raise a family, all on the sort of tradition of how – the old school way.”

But love conquers all.

Andy Garcia (as Billy Herrera): “It’s time for me to embrace the future.”

And drinks? Those can help, too.

Diego Boneta: “I was like, ‘Would it be OK if I brought a little tequila to keep the party going?'”

Not that this Miami dance machine needs any help.

Gloria Estefan: “These kids were petering out. We’re going, ‘Come on, let’s go! We’re doing our choreography.'”

And, being married to Emilio for almost 45 years…

Gloria Estefan: “At least wait three years before you lock it down. Nobody can hide for three years, so if you stick around long enough, you’ll go through enough things together.”

The new “Father of the Bride” starts streaming on HBO Max this Thursday.

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