SoFlo summer months are hot, humid and there’s a really good chance it’ll rain, but just because it’s pouring, that doesn’t mean that you have to hang out inside boring home. There’s plenty to do indoors.

There are four things that I never leave home without: My phone, ice coffee, a rubber chicken and an umbrella. That’s ’cause the weather here is absolutely crazy and I rather be dry, but at least I’m alive.

When storms reign supreme, head to Urban Air Adventure Park in Kendall. This place rocks.  

Daniel Encinosa: “Our rock climbing is completely unique to the industry. We offer about six different skill level type rock climbing elements.”

This a jungle gym for grown ups.

Daniel Encinosa: “We do have the traditional rock climbing that you will see in every adventure park or your gyms and things like that, but then we have the fun stuff a little bit more unique, a little bit of different shapes and different colors.”

At Urban Air, the forecast is wall to wall fun.

Daniel Encinosa: “The special thing about Urban Air is that we’re weather proof.”

Amanda Hernandez “While you are rock climbing, you still feel like you are getting the outdoor activities while you’re indoors and it’s just lots of fun.”

If Mother Nature isn’t cooperating check out Dezerland Action Park in North Miami.

Jaclyn Pitofsky: “The best way to bring the outside indoors is to come to our trampoline park and run around on floor to ceiling trampolines.”

You’ll flip with excitement. 

Jaclyn Pitofsky: “There’s sections sections. The first section is where you will be running around jumping off the walls. The second section is basketballs, and then the third section is our designated dodge ball area.”

Gray skies will eventually clear up, but ’till they do, bounce over to Dezerland.

Jaclyn Pitofsky: “It’s perfect for when it’s raining outside because it’s all indoors, and you can get all your energy out for the day, and it’s a great activity because you can be here for hours at a time.”

Alexandra Sacco: “It’s a great time when you want to escape from the rain and escape from the storms.”

Pinspiration in Davie will make sure you forget anything rained on your parade.

Cathy Balanoff: “Our most unique and different activity is probably our splatter room. We gear you up in splatter gear, give you protective clothing and you can splatter on a canvas.”

Don’t let bad weather make you take a rain check on a good time. Here, you and your bestie can design a canvas, then get your inner Jackson Pollack on.

Cathy Balanoff: “I think you can just let go in there and become an artist.”

The splatter room is private. In here, there’s a 100% chance of a bright and colorful day.

Rachel Goldstein: “You can’t really see that it’s raining outside. You’re just like, inside painting and having a blast.”

Cathy Balanoff: “You’re in this really cool space, where you’re just enjoying the lights and having a great time being an artist.”

Pinspiration has over 30 things that you can do when it rains.


Urban Air Adventure Park
15625 Southwest 88th Street
Miami, Florida 33196
(305) 676-2400

Dezerland Action Park
14401 NE 19th Avenue
North Miami, FL 33181
(786) 590-5000

Pinspiration Davie Craft Studio
8826 W State Rd 84
Davie, FL 33324
(954) 440-0663

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