Earth Day weekend isn’t just about trees and dirt. It’s also about protecting our beautiful waters, and National Water Dance has a fun way of getting the conversation started … by getting those hips a-movin’. As Deco’s Alex Miranda always says, the wetter the better.

Most of us have danced at birthday parties, maybe the club, a wedding or two, but on Saturday, Live Arts Miami says, why not in the ocean? In unison with several states, National Water Dance spreads an important message.

When Dua Lipa asks…

Dua Lipa (singing): “Don’t you know I could do this dance all night? Oh, what ya doing?”

Just say, going to the National Water Dance this Earth Day weekend. Duh!

Kathryn: “We all love a day at the beach — we all love coming out, enjoying nature — but when you combine that with art and performance, it just heightens it.”

National Water Dance is a biannual event — meaning, every two years — across the United States.

Michelle: “There are 33 states and 72 locations participating in National Water Dance.

Alex Miranda: “At the same time!”

Michelle: “At the same time!”

Michelle: “We all begin at the same time, we end at the same time, with the same gesture. Imagine that.”

Michelle (to Alex): “Stretch. Yes, like a waterway going across, and then you go…”

This Saturday, dancers, musicians and visual artists will perform at the Crandon Park Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center.

Michelle: “It’s refreshing. It feels good on your body.”

Why? Because the Earth is awesome — and we have to save it.

Kathryn: “Art is the ultimate human expression. Why not experience it in places, beautiful places like this?”

But more specifically, protect our waters.

Michelle: “We are really concerned about this city we live in, and we are surrounded by water.”

It’s a call to action.

Kathryn: “We need that as a community, to nourish ourselves, to mobilize for positive action to face this climate crisis.”

But also, to motion. I call this move the Neutrogena Commercial.

Michelle: “Put it on your face and then open out. Ahh, yes!”

Alex Miranda: “OK, Michelle, I think I got it. So, yo you think I can join?”

Michelle: “I think you can do it. You’re ready.”

Alex Miranda: “OK, because, you know, I do have a couple moves myself.”

Michelle: “OK, well, show me. Let me see what you have, and we can go from that point.”

Alex Miranda: “Do you think you’re ready to see what I have?”

Michelle: “I’m ready.”

Sure ’bout that?

[Alex and Michelle dance on the water.]

Well, it’s not like she wasn’t warned.

Festivities start at 3 p.m. The site-specific dance, at 4. There’s a beach cleanup at 5 and a sunset happy hour at 6.

Kathryn: “It’s totally free. Reserve your spot on line, and we can’t wait to see you.”

To RSVP to the event, click here.

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