Maybe being good isn’t such a bad thing after all. In “The Bad Guys,” a bunch of animal outlaws are trying really hard to stay out of prison by posing as model citizens. Deco talked with one of the lovable law-breakers about this life-changing situation.

Sam Rockwell (as Mr. Wolf, voice): “Guys, we’re gonna go good.”

Craig Robinson (as Mr. Shark, voice): “Did you get hit on the head?”

In “The Bad Guys,” Craig Robinson supplies the voice of Mr. Shark.

His talent? He can change personalities at the drop of a hat.

Craig Robinson (as Mr. Shark, voice): “Is there a doctor, or perhaps several security guards that can leave their posts and help me?”

Craig told Deco exactly what he loved about his character.

Craig Robinson: “The most fun about the Shark was doing the different characters within the shark, ’cause he’s a master of disguise.”

In one scene, Mr. Shark causes a distraction by pretending to be pregnant.

Craig Robinson (as Mr. Shark, voice): “I’m having a baby!”

Craig had to dig deep to get that job done.

Craig Robinson: “I just channeled when I was born. I went back, that’s how far I went back.”

It didn’t take much persuading to get him on board the project.

Craig Robinson: “They were like, ‘We’d love you to be Mr. Shark,” and, I mean, I was like, ‘You had me at DreamWorks. What are you talking about?’ It was all fantastic to start.”

The movie is basically a good-natured cartoon crime caper.

Sam Rockwell (as Mr. Wolf, voice): “The bad guys become the good guys so we can stay the bad guys. You know what I’m saying?”

Marc Maron (as Mr. Snake, voice): “Bad guys acting good? It’s fantastic! Wolf, you’re a genius.”

Craig Robinson: ‘Tarantino for kids, they call it.”

The film is filled with positive messages, but it never gets preachy, and it sends them out in a fun way.

Craig Robinson: “Yeah, there’s a couple — you know, friendship, having each other’s back, don’t judge a book by its cover — so, yeah, there’s a few things that come across in there.”

“The Bad Guys” hits theaters this weekend. If you’re looking for something the whole family can enjoy, you just found it.

Craig Robinson (as Mr. Shark, voice): “Oh, stop it. You’re making me blush.”

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