Here at Deco, we know talent when we see it, and Ben Barnes has tons of it. The actor’s getting ready to sing a different tune. Deco’s resident music man, Alex Miranda, is here with more.

Ben Barnes can do it all. He acts, he writes, he plays multiple instruments, he does quantum physics while doing backflips. OK, maybe he cannot also do that, but and he can also sing. He’s warming up those vocal chords and telling Deco all about his debut album.

Ben Barnes (as Logan): “All right, it’s showtime.”

You’re probably used to seeing Ben Barnes like this in “Westworld” and “Shadow and Bone.”

Ben Barnes (as General Kirigan): “Fine. Make me your villain.”

Or maybe like this in the “Chronicles of Narnia” franchise.

Ben Barnes (as Prince Caspian): “You’re not exactly what I expected.”

But you may not have expected to hear him sounding like this.

Ben Barnes (singing): “And I won’t wish to be yours or for you to be mine.”

Ben is making music. The actor is gearing up for the release of his first EP, titled “Songs for You.”

Ben Barnes: “This is much more personally and purely and authentically just me.”

Ben’s been acting for years, but he tells Deco that music has always been a huge part of his life.

Ben Barnes: “It was always sort of my first passion and my first love, and I would sing Sinatra tribute concerts and Stevie Wonder song nights and stuff when I was a teenager.”

While it might be his debut album, he is not afraid to get personal.

Ben Barnes: “I wrote these words because they’re about my life. I put music to it that I felt sounded like the feelings. I designed some of these stories for the videos.”

Ben’s first single, “11:11,” is a super uplifting song with soul and pop influences.

Ben Barnes (singing): “I wish for you to be happy. I wish for you to be free.”

He’s also got another video dropping soon for the song “Rise Up.”

Ben Barnes (singing): “Rise up, rise up.”

Ben Barnes: “They’re sort of almost like ying and yang videos, ’11:11′ and this one. They’re sort of opposites in a lot of ways.”

Ben’s really got this music thing figured out. I mean, he’s even created his own genre.

Ben Barnes: “I would call it like ‘old soul pop.’ That’s my new genre that I’ve just decided, that I’ve just decided in this moment that’s what it is.”

So don’t expect to see him DJ-ing at a club any time soon … or can we?

Ben Barnes: “I’m gonna get a mohawk, dye it green, pierce my eyebrows and tongue, and just…”

But when it comes to his “Songs for You” EP, Ben tells us the message he was going for was hopefulness.

Ben Barnes: “I’m an eternally hopeful person. I like to tell stories about hope in my career in general, even if I’m playing the bad guy, so I hope it makes people feel hopeful, and I hope that they encourage you to think about things from other people’s perspectives.”

Ben’s EP “Songs for You” drops this Friday.

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