Cooking with Beer class adds unique flavors to recipes

A beer with your dinner is cool — but a beer in your dinner could be even better. Now all you need to whip up some beer bites is a little class.

Time to get cooking.

Taste Buds Kitchen in West Miami wants to teach you how to make cooking a blast.

Beatriz Zaldivar, owner: “We do very easy recipes that everybody can follow. So it’s not a cooking school per say, that you come and you have to do a hard recipe. You come, you have fun.”

The SoFlo location is the first one in Florida.

Beatriz Zaldivar: “The goal for Taste Buds is to come learn to cook a little bit with a few tips and tricks, to eat, and to take home any recipes and any skills.”

They provide the recipe, the ingredients and even the aprons…

All you have to do is bring what you want to drink, ’cause it’s BYOB.

Beatriz Zaldivar: “The cost of this class is $60 per person, and it’s a two-hour class.”

There are all types of cooking classes, but on April 20, there is a really cool class on tap.

Beatriz Zaldivar: “The unique class we have coming up is Cooking with Beer. I love this class particularly. I don’t love beer, but the flavor of beer really enhances the flavors of food.”

From salad to dessert, you can learn to cook with — and then get to chow down on — foods prepared with beer.

Beatriz Zaldivar: “There are so many different types of beer. Some are good for salty food, some are good for sweet food, so we do everything here.”

Guests get to see how to whip up dishes like mac and cheese with a lager beer cheese sauce.

Then, they make it themselves.

Beatriz Zaldivar: “Beer is being used in the mac and cheese to enhance the flavor, and it is actually the liquid instead of milk that we add to the mac and cheese, we add beer.”

You’ll get to make a salad with dressing made from a pale ale, and even chicken in a mushroom-lager sauce.

Beatriz Zaldivar: “The beer is used in the chicken to de-glaze the pan.”

And finish off by making chocolate stout cupcakes.

This class is perfect for a date night, girls night or just a fun night out with friends.

Junior Diaz: “I always thought a beer was to drink, but it gives the food a good taste and a good touch.”

The beer does cook out of the food, but you still have to be 21 or older to take the Cooking with Beer class.

Taste Buds Kitchen
14740 SW 26th St., Suite 206-207
Miami, FL 33185
(786) 999-8629

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