Chokers make comeback at Savvy and Sol Mate Boutique

As many of your know — we get a little choked up when it comes to fashion. And now there is a look where everyone can get choked up too. Deco is sticking it’s neck out and checking out chokers.

From stars on the red carpet to celebrities on social media, one of the hottest accessories for 2017 is heads above the rest.

Allie Luis: “One of the hottest trend right now is chokers.”

And you can find this hot and sexy trend at the Savvy and Sol Mate Boutique in South Miami.

Allie Luis: “A choker is a necklace that sits on your neck. It doesn’t hang, it goes tightly on your neck. It’s a cool, chic style and you can incorporate it from day to night.”

Savvy and Sol Mate carry chokers that are edgy, chic and good for Miami fashionistas.

Allie Luis: “The chokers can range from any size. Really, the thin ones are for more of a casual look and the thicker ones that cover more of the neck are more for an evening look.”

From a thick fabric band like Vanessa Hudgens to a thin suede one similar to Gigi Hadid’s — there is something for everyone.

Allie Luis: “Another look we will be seeing today is a denim choker, which is actually a piece of denim wrapped around the neck. It’s cute with a little dress and sandals.”

They can be blinged and bedazzled — or tied in a knot.

Chokers are good, day and night.

Allie Luis: “Some of our more formal chokers can be used for evening wear. They come in gold or silver and have cool leather details or rhinestones.”

And if you don’t want to buy an accessory, get an outfit with the choker built in.

Allie Luis: “There are two different ways designers are incorporating it. It can be a statement piece necklace or it can be incorporated into their designs and attached to garments.”

Go for a cute knit sweater or a sexy short romper. Or even an evening gown. Chokers can come on all sorts of clothing.

Allie Luis: “It’s attached to the garment. It covers a piece of the neck like a choker, but it’s not like a turtle neck, so it has the opening a V of your chest.”

Choker and choker clothing range from $30 to $300.

Allie Luis: “What I love about the choker trend is that it’s ageless and everybody can wear it.”

Savvy and Sol Mate Boutique
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Miami, FL 33155
(305) 665-9833

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