Social distancing remains a top priority at every restaurant in South Florida. Now a cozy eatery has turned the tables to their advantage.

Intimate and tasty. That pretty much describes Le Patio in Wilton Manors, a restaurant with a decidedly French feel.

Jean Doherty, owner, Le Patio: “We tried to get that feeling of a Lyonnais bistro, which is called a bouchon. A bouchon is typically a tiny little space, a tiny little restaurant.”

Almost all the dining is done in the enclosed patio, where customers are surrounded by various forms of lush greenery.

There were only eight tables to begin with. There are even less now, thanks to social distancing.

Jean Doherty: “As you see, it’s a very small space, but we have actually taken three tables from the patio and one table from inside that we’ve moved out.”

Along with spacing, Le Patio is using rustic barrels and large plants to separate tables.

There’s an artistic reason for that.

Jean Doherty: “Because if there was nothing here, it would not be as pleasing to the eye. It wouldn’t be as nice.”

You don’t come to Le Patio just to sit. You come to drink and eat.

The menu is filled with goodies from across the Atlantic.

Jean Doherty: “It’s a mixture of everything from Europe, so we get German, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian.”

Don’t forget England. They make a righteous shepherd’s pie topped with mozzarella.

You’ve also got your choice of roasted artichoke bottoms, escargot that is to die for, various creamy pâtés and the basil gnocchi, or as I call it, heaven in a bowl.

Jean Doherty: “It’s tossed in a creamy gorgonzola and cognac sauce, and then it’s finished with crispy bacon and walnuts.”

Here’s the thing about this place: it’s not some loud hangout spot, so while they’re practicing social distancing, the essential Le Patio experience remains untouched.

Jean Doherty: “It’s not really like a socializing place where people would get up and go over to other tables and start chatting up and whatever. It is more intimate.”

Timothy Lyons, customer: “Everything’s spaced out, probably more than six feet apart. I feel very comfortable being here.”

Between the warm ambiance and the unique menu, Le Patio has all the ingredients for a memorable romantic evening with a special someone.

Le Patio
2401 NE 11th Ave.
Wilton Manors, FL 33305

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