Champagne and caviar at Caviar Russe

There are drinks for us mere mortals, and then — there are drinks for the fancy, elegant people of Downtown Miami. Instead of a $12 cocktail — they’ll prefer an $80 glass of champagne. Don’t judge — now you too can taste the fancy life — for a fraction of the cost.

There’s something special about Dom Pérignon.

Ilya Panchernikov: “The quality of this champagne is excellent. It’s by far one of the most popular champagnes that we sell, it’s probably the most popular champagne in the world.”

Something about its taste, the way it makes you feel…

Ilya Panchernikov: “It’s got a very smooth flavor, it’s not too acidic, it’s not too sharp. The bubbles are a little bit softer because of the vintage.”

But at $80 a glass — not everyone can afford it … until now.

Ilya Panchernikov: “We’re hoping that it’s one of those things that allows people to enjoy such an amazing brand of champagne and enjoy our caviar at a much more accessible price point.”

Every Friday at Caviar Russe inside the Four Seasons in Brickell…

Ilya Panchernikov: “You can get a glass of Dom Pérignon for $25 a glass. It’s the most incredible price you’ll ever find.”

The bottle — usually a $360 affair at Caviar Russe, goes for only $100.

Now that’s a good deal.

Darlene Medina: “I love that it’s Friday and after work, I can come and have a glass of Dom for a lower price. It’s an amazing idea.”

And since you’re already in caviar land…

Ilya Panchernikov: “We’re the largest importer of caviar in the United States.”

Be adventurous and awaken your taste buds.

Ilya Panchernikov: “Obviously, we encourage to have a little bit of caviar during that time which is the perfect pairing. You can’t get any better than pairing a bottle of Dom with some caviar.”

Or — try some exquisite bites instead.

Ilya Panchernikov: “We have bites such as steak tartare, we have tuna tartare, we have incredible West Coast Kumamoto oysters, and we do a salmon mille-feuille, which is a 1,000 layer salmon crepe kinda layered cake, which is really cool, it’s delicious.”

The bites are on special too — $18 a pop.

Ilya Panchernikov: “It’s actually a way to give back to our clients for being such loyal patrons and it’s a celebration.”

To be a patron of this place — you need a few qualities…

Ilya Panchernikov: “Love to dine, celebrate life, drink champagne and eat caviar, which is what we’re all about.”

Sounds like perfect activities for a Friday evening.

Ilya Panchernikov: “The best way to toast the weekend is with a little bit of Dom and some caviar.”


Caviar Russe at the Four Seasons Tower
1441 Brickell Ave.
Miami, FL 33131
(305) 902-6969

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