Chadwick Boseman locks down Manhattan in ’21 Bridges’

Imagine getting stuck on an island — and not a deserted island — one that is full of people. In “21 Bridges,” a police officer decides the only way two bad guys are going to get off the island of Manhattan is to swim or in police custody.

Chadwick Boseman (as Andre Davis): “How many cops?”

Keith David (as Deputy Chief Spencer): “Eight. Worst day in 18 years.”

Chadwick Boseman is a New York Police detective on the hunt for a couple of cop killers in “21 Bridges.”

Chadwick Boseman (as Andre Davis): “Cops or criminals — if you have blood on your hands, I will found you.”

His killer catching plan is to trap ’em!

Chadwick Boseman (as Andre Davis): “Close the island.”

Character in “21 Bridges”: “What island?”

Chadwick Boseman (as Andre Davis): “Manhattan.”

Chadwick Boseman: “He’s a man of the law. He’s a man of the badge, but he has his own code.”

The city locks down all the bridges leading out of the Big Apple in a move to pin down the cop killers.

Stephan James: “I think it’s unreal. Those kind of stakes having in a city like New York. It’s gotta have like 10 million people. It’s unreal.”

The police know they can’t keep New York City shut down for long, though.

Taylor Kitsch: “One night. One night only.”

Taylor Kitsch and Stephan James are Ray and Michael — cop killers on the run.

Taylor Kitsch: “Ray basically, whether he wants him to be or not is his protector, especially through this night. That’s Ray’s purpose more or less.”

The bridges play important parts in the movie, so we asked the cast how many big apple bridges they could name.

Stephan James: “The Brooklyn Bridge.”

Taylor Kitsch: “Um, wow, I can’t name one bridge.”

Chadwick Boseman: “I can’t do it. I’m not doing it.”

Wow, you guys need to brush up on your bridges.

Let’s get back to something you do know — the movie.

Chadwick Boseman: “What I wanted to do is to show that there are men and women that wear the badge that have a sense of justice, and we need to see that in this particular time now.”

Chadwick Boseman (as “You’re not going to escape this island.”

Stephan James (as Michael): “You are the only cop tonight who speaks first and shoots second.”

Chadwick Boseman (as Andre Davis): “I will find out why tonight happened.”

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