On this day, like every day, Deco gives thanks to celebrities.

They give us rumors to believe, lifestyles to envy and nude pics to gawk at.

And yet some stars still give more. Specifically, the celebrities who went out of their way to share their Thanksgiving plans with Deco.

The secret is out.

Keri Russell plays a teacher trying to help her student hide a secret in “Antlers.”

What’s not a secret is Keri’s Thanksgiving plans.

She assured Deco you won’t find her cooking.

Keri Russell: “Actually, every few years one of my best girlfriends, her mom who actually lives in Miami, flies in and she is kind of my second mom, Suzi, and she’s gonna come in and we’re gonna have a big Thanksgiving and so it’s really nice.”

Staying with the 305 theme, Miami’s Anya Taylor-Joy from “Last Night in Soho” is an amateur at the American holiday because she spends all her time in London.

Anya Taylor-Joy: “I’m going to have my first Thanksgiving with a very American family and I think it will be quite an experience.”

Doggone it. Darby Camp spends most of her time taking care of a ginormous red pooch in “Clifford the Big Red Dog so this Thanksgiving she’s thankful life doesn’t imitate art.

Darby Camp: “I am thankful for my dogs not being 10 feet tall because that would be horrific, horrendous. That would be such a challenge to have two 10 feet tall dogs. I am very thankful they are not 10 feet tall and they are like not even one foot tall.”

As for her costar Jack Whitehall, who is British…

Jack Whitehall: “I am thankful for America lifting the travel ban so I can get out to Miami and spend as much time here as possible. It’s considerably more fun than England.”

Jack, if you’re watching… feel free to stick around South Florida. No one at deco is asking you to leave.

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