Cast of ‘White Boy Rick’ spill details on upcoming crime drama

Money, power, prom and what she was gonna wear — that was Shireen’s high school experience. For “White Boy Rick,” it was only money and power. Deco flew to the Toronto International Film Festival to dish with the cast, including Matthew McConaughey and actual high schooler, Richie Merritt.

(Character in movie): “Would you believe that a 15-year-old kid was working for the federal government?”

Matthew McConaughey (as Rick Wershe Sr.): “But he was.”

It’s the truth!

“White Boy Rick” is based on the true story of a teenager who was both a drug dealer and an FBI informant in 1980’s Detroit.

Richie Merritt (as Rick Wershe Jr.): “Come on dad. I can do this. We can do this!”

Rick is portrayed by Richie Merritt, who’s making his acting debut alongside Matthew McConaughey.

And get this — Richie says he had no idea who his co-star was until they met — not even from the Lincoln car commercials!

Richie Merritt: “I didn’t see no Lincoln commercials until I went down and filmed. I was like, ‘Oh, he really is on the Lincoln commercial!'”

Matthew McConaughey: “I met him in a parking lot at the bowling alley. He was gonna walk past me going in. He didn’t recognize me. I recognized him because I had looked at a picture of who I was gonna meet at the bowling alley.”


Hopefully Richie gets up to speed on Matthew McConaughey movies, though Bel Powley, who plays his sister, says Richie’s inexperience was actually a plus.

Bel Powley: “It was a nightmare, haha. No, it was actually amazing having someone who’d never been on a film set before because his fresh take on it gave everyone else a fresh take on it.”

And while Matthew’s character isn’t exactly a good role model for his kids…

Bel Powley (as Dawn Wershe): “You realize you’re the worst father ever?!”

Naturally, Richie learned something valuable from working with the Oscar winner.

Richie Merritt: “Humbleness. Always remain true to who you are and always be yourself. Let people love you for who you are.”


Deco wanted to also learn something from Matthew — what he misses most from the 80’s, since this movie has a very 80’s feel.

Richie Merritt: “It was called Skateland in Longview, Texas, and I played many Atari games over there on the sideline in between skating.”

An Atari fan — good man!

Matthew McConaughey (as Rick Wershe Sr.): “It’s gonna be our year. I can feel it.”

“White Boy Rick” will be out in theaters Friday.

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