A younger version of the Dark Knight is wrapping up. “Gotham” is coming to an end, but there’s still time for one more villian to roll into town. The stars of the show are telling us about the “Bane” of their existence.

Jamie Murray (as Theresa Walker): “You’re going to be the bane of anyone who opposes us.”

The arrival of Bane signals the beginning of the end for “Gotham.”

The tale of villains and heroes has just three episodes left.

David Mazouz: “It’s constant surprises and danger and shocks at every turn.”

The stars tell Deco the show has a special place in the Batman universe.

Ben McKenzie: “We’ve been able to tell 100 hours worth of great stories and really fill in the origins of all of these characters.”

Sean Pertwee: “I think that we’ll be almost like a litmus test, I think, for future productions that go into our world, because I think that people will … Our show isn’t — you can’t date it, and I think that it’ll be this generation’s version of the legacy of 76 years of Batman.”

Ben McKenzie, aka Jim Gordon, was fortunate enough to write the show’s milestone 100th episode, which Erin Richards, who plays Barbara Kean, directed.

Erin Richards: “As soon as I read Ben’s episode, it was like a love letter to ‘Gotham,’ and I cried several times whilst reading it. It’s such a wonderful telling of a lot of different characters’ stories in a way that I feel is quite in-depth and emotional.”

If you think there’s gonna be a nice, quiet, peaceful ending for the city of chaos, well, think again!

Cory Michael Smith: “You see a lot of the main characters kind of collide.”

Morena Baccarin: “We get to tell — complete the story, give the fans what they want.”

Shane West (as Bane): “Your time is up.”

The final three episodes of “Gotham” start tonight at 8 p.m., right after Deco Drive.

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