Campton Yard at The Hall South Beach

Restaurants on South Beach serve great food, but they can be stuffy spots where you have to dress up. Deco’s leisure lifestyle correspondent Chris Van Vliet is here with a SoFlo hangout that is super chill.

I live on South Beach, and this is one of those laid-back, needle-in-a-haystack kind of spot. This cool spot is the brainchild of a cool guy — one you might recognize from “Top Chef.”

Reality is pretty cool for reality star chef Spike Mendelsohn. This “Top Chef” alum is the brains behind Campton Yard.

Spike Mendelsohn, Campton Yard: “Campton Yard is our play on backyard hangout. We do some grilling out here, we do some backyard bites, some food, some games.”

Campton Yard is in the back of The Hall South Beach. And, if the spot looks familiar, you may be a Jim Carrey fan.

Spike Mendelsohn: “This area used to be Campton Apartments. This is actually where the ‘Ace Ventura’ movie was filmed.”

Spike saw the big banyan tree behind the hotel, and the rest is restaurant history.

Spike Mendelsohn: “We built the concept around really the banyan tree. Picture your backyard, just like on steroids.”

Kevin Platt: “It’s a great vibe. We were really just drawn in when we were just walking by on the street. We saw the tree, we heard the music, and it seemed like a great place to grab a drink or a bite to eat.”

From sliders to hot dogs, you’ll be chowing down on the chow.

Spike Mendelsohn: “We do a big-ass pretzel with a chipotle cheddar sauce. We have poutine from my hometown in Montreal.”

The menu even has a nod to the Magic City.

Spike Mendelsohn: “My favorite thing is the 305 Dog. It’s an ode to Miami. It’s got fried plantains on it, it has potato sticks, mango barbecue sauce. It has a fried egg in it. I mean, it’s over the top.”

You’ll want to toast to chilling out with these cool drinks.

Spike Mendelsohn: “The cocktail menu is great. We have a lot of local beers on draft. We have great fresh tiki cocktails.”

Playing in the yard isn’t kid stuff. Grown-ups get to play at Campton Yard, too.

Spike Mendelsohn: “We have ping-pong, giant Jenga, corn hole. This is a little secret nook on Miami Beach that nobody knows about. It’s super fun, it’s super quiet, it’s laid back, you can be yourself, and it has a little of everything to offer.”

I like that you don’t have to be a guest of the hotel to hang out at Campton Yard. Everyone is welcome.


Campton Yard at The Hall South Beach
1500 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 531-1251

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