Face it — you’re not getting out of spending Thanksgiving with your family. But before then, consider celebrating the holiday with people you really love. You know … your friends.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we have something to be thankful for … our friends! And Burlock Coast at The Ritz-Carlton, Fort Lauderdale has just the way to celebrate.

Paula Dasilva, chef de cuisine: “Friendsgiving at Burlock Coast is going to be something that brings people together.”

Adrienne Grenier, executive chef: “Friendsgiving is an opportunity for friends to celebrate Thanksgiving because the actual holiday comes around and you are stuck with your family.”

South Florida chefs, Paula Dasilva and Adrienne Grenier, cooked up the idea for this friendly feast.

Adrienne Grenier: “Paula and I have been friends for a really long time and we love the opportunity to work together.”

This Sunday, head over to Burlock Coast for this pre-Thanksgiving meal.

Adrienne Grenier: “The Friendsgiving meal is family-style, so everyone has the opportunity to interact and pass dishes around, and serve themselves and have that experience with friends.”

There will be flavors of fall foods, but don’t expect traditional Thanksgiving fare.

The chefs figure we’ll get our fill of that at the end of the month.

Paula Dasilva: “We are doing a shaved apple salad with kale and watercress and bacon. We are doing a butternut squash salad. We are also doing a whole roasted fish.”

Orlando Rodriguez: “Wonderful experience to spend with friends and family. It’s the place to be.”

The Friendsgiving three-course dinner costs $69 a person, and starts at 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Paula Dasilva: “Friendsgiving at Burlock Coast is really going to be about breaking bread. It’s going to be about coming together with friends, with family. Adrienne and I will both be here, we will be hanging out with people.”


Friendsgiving at Burlock Coast

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