There’s nothing better than a great hamburger! It’s one of Shireen’s favorite foods. Shireen, since you’re such a burger queen, do you know the history of burgers? Well, there’s an entire burger museum in the Magic City, and Deco got a tour!

Original blueprints from Burger Castle, Vintage soda cans and old-school Wendy’s uniforms. They’re just some of the hidden treasures you’ll find inside the Burger Museum located at the Magic City Casino.

The museum is basically like the Smithsonian of burgers. It’s all curated by the self-proclaimed “Burger Beast.” And one sign started it all…

Burger Beast, museum curator: “I had a friend of mine who gave me a gift of an old sign from Burger Chef.”

The collection grew from there.

Burger Beast: “A napkin here, a glass cup, and then it started progressing into things that I remembered from when I was a kid.”

Places like Burger King or even Denny’s.

Burger Beast: “Before it was Denny’s it was called Danny’s, and that plate is from the transition period from when they were switching from Danny’s to Denny’s.”

This place is filled with everything you can think of, including stuff from a Miami Beach staple — the original Wolfie’s.

Burger Beast: “If you grew up in Miami, if you don’t know what Wolfie’s is, I wouldn’t believe it.”

But he’s not just talking about South Florida staples. Recognize this Big Kahuna?

Samuel L. Jackson (as Jules Winnfield): “Vincent, ever have a Big Kahuna burger? Want a bite? They’re real tasty.”

But perhaps nothing comes close to this: He has an old school Burger Time video game that anyone can come play.

Burger Beast: “It’s just one of those things — I thought, ‘Why not? It’s everything about burgers. This is an iconic game from the 80s. It should be here.'”

But the museum offers more than a history lesson on burgers. The Burger Beast curates different events on the property — including his “Hamburger Houseparty.” You can taste some of the best bites around town.


Burger Beast Museum
Magic City Casino
450 NW 37th Avenue
Miami FL 33125

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