Boo-tiful Halloween makeup

(WSVN) - Halloween is right around the corner. If you don’t have a costume picked out, the students at Broward College are ready to help. Deco got some tips on how to get a boo-tiful Halloween look.

Whether it’s the living dead, a superhero or a wicked witch, deciding what to be for Halloween can be a little scary.

If you don’t want cover your head with a hot, sticky latex mask, try some Halloween makeup, with the students at the Broward College of Performing Arts in Davie.

Deborah Kondelik: “That’s how we know people, by their face, so when we change the face and they get to hide behind that, they can become the monster or they can become the beautiful fairy princess.”

From the sinister to the creepy, to the Rocky Horror…

Tim Curry (as Dr. Frank-N-Furter): “By the light of the night!”

These artists do it all, and they want to release the monster inside of you.

Deborah Kondelik: “This Halloween at 2 p.m., we’re going to have our student designers putting some of their designs on the public’s face.”

Designer: “I’m doing, like, an evil dragon.”

If you want to get the look at home, start with the right makeup.

Student designer: “This is actually watercolor makeup, so if you get that, it’s much like watercolor paint. As long as you get it wet, you can mix the colors. Here I have like a fade effect going.”

Model: “I look terrifying, I think, and it looks awesome. She does a great job.”

Research online, pick a look and stay focused.

Beatrice Mansfield: “You definitely want to have some kind of idea of what you’re going for. For me, I’m always revisiting what my end goal actually is. My own personal technique is slow and steady, very slow!”

If you’ve got the time, you can make a spider with Q-tips, fake blood and a lot of patience.

Deborah Kondelik: “Everybody wants to walk in somebody else’s shoes, and that’s ultimately what actors do, isn’t it?”

The first 30 people who register with Professor Deborah Kondelik through her email,, can get their face made up for $10. The money will go directly to the Broward College Visual & Performing Arts program. The professor will respond to emails and schedule those interested for somewhere between 2-5 p.m. (10 per-hour slots).

Broward College Central Campus
Building 4, 165B (Makeup Lab)
3501 S.W. Davie Road
Davie, FL 33314

Register for Halloween Makeup Sessions by emailing: 

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