Sometimes heroes don’t feel so heroic, especially soldiers, and leaving the battlefield behind is a war all its own in “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.”

U.S. soldiers become U.S. heroes in “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk,” when their act of bravery in battle is caught on camera.

Joe Alwyn (as Billy Lynn): “It’s sort of weird being honored for the worst day in your life.”

The soldiers of Bravo Company struggle with the honor, because one of their own was killed in combat.

Steve Martin (as Norm): “You know things most of us will never know. That has to weigh heavy on a young man’s shoulders.”

Joe Alwyn is Billy, struggling to deal with his newfound fame while also trying to explain to his sister why he wants to go back to war.

Joe Alwyn: “Billy has gone off to war, and Billy has come back, and they were very close before, and they are slightly estranged from Billy being away and changed somehow, or she thinks he’s changed.”

Kristen Stewart plays Billy’s sister, who supports her brother but struggles with his decision.

Kristen Stewart: “She is the only one acknowledging certain things and asking certain questions. She and him are also the embodiment of loss and pain and family and all of it.”

Chris Tucker and Steve Martin are known for their comedy, but honoring a hero is no laughing matter.

Chris Tucker: “I think it’s fun, and a different way to express yourself and a different side of me that a lot of people might not have seen a lot of.”

Tucker plays a celebrity agent who wants to share the soldiers’ story with the world.

Chris Tucker: “I think it’s going to give people a personal experience of this soldier, Billy, of this movie, of what some soldiers go through, and the dealings with the family, relationships and the brotherhood of the soldiers.”

Martin is an NFL team owner whose team is honoring Billy and Bravo Company during a halftime show.

Steve Martin: “I think it’s going to illustrate the incredible bonding of what goes on with soldiers. So tight, so intimate. That is one of the strongest connections, or equal to family, that there is.”

“Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” will make you think about brotherhood, bravery and family.

It opens in theaters Friday, November 18.

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