Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ soundtrack revived in live-action film

“Beauty and the Beast” — it’s an animated classic with a soundtrack that generations of kids grew up singing. But it’s the new live-action version that’s getting all the attention these days, and it looks like Disney made this “Beauty” more beautiful.

Kevin Kline (as Maurice): “Belle. you must leave here. This castle is alive!”

Twenty-six years after “Beauty and the Beast” charmed us all, it’s back as a live-action movie.

Ewan McGregor (as Lumiere): “Look at her! What if she is the one? The one to break the spell.”

Now you’ll either fall into two categories with this: excited or nervous. And if you’re nervous, have some faith, because they nailed the casting, with Emma Watson as Belle.

Emma Watson (as Belle): “Who’s there?”

Dan Stevens (as Beast): “Do you wish to take your father’s place?”

Emma Watson (as Belle): “Come into the light.”

Emma Watson: “As a child, you love Disney, and as an adult, you still love Disney, because it connects you with that childhood feeling that everything is going to be OK.”

Dan Stevens (as Beast): “Show me the girl.”

So Emma is the Beauty, and the Beast is Dan Stevens.

Dan Stevens: “We’ve taken on and moved it on a little bit, and brought something fresh to it, brought a few new songs to it.”

Yeah, you heard that right. New songs! But for the most part, it’s the same classic story — just brought to life.

Emma Watson: “Beast and Belle really dislike each other at the beginning. They really don’t get on, and then they form this friendship and then they fall in love, and there is something so beautiful about that to me.”

Luke Evans (as Gaston): “I say we kill the Beast!”

Luke Evans is Gaston, and he’s a little worried about what fans of the original will think.

Luke Evans: “It’s magical, it’s exciting. I just hope people think that I’ve got enough hair on my chest. Probably not!”

“Beauty and the Beast” won two Oscars for its music. All of the iconic songs are in this, from “Be Our Guest,” “Beauty and the Beast” and, of course, Gaston’s song.

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