At Clutch Couture, you can turn purses into works of art

Art and fashion go hand in hand. It’s true! I think all my shoes are works of art — but so are purses. Deco found a spot that lets you create a masterpiece you can wear.

Melissa Taylor, Clutch Couture: “When I say Clutch, y’all say Bar. Clutch!

Shoppers: “Bar!”

Melissa Taylor: “Clutch!”

Shoppers: “Bar!”

When it comes to looking good — and feeling good — Clutch Couture in Miami has got it on lock.

Melissa Taylor: “We definitely have a girl boss theme, right? We want the women to feel as though they can see themselves in the clutches.”

The store specializes in one-of-a-kind, hand-painted bags, and each one features an inspiring image or message that’s been carefully crafted by artists from across the country.

Melissa Taylor: “No clutch is the same. They all are different, and it’s wearable art.”

There’s plenty of cool clutches to pick from, but if you can’t make up your mind, it’s time to hit the Bar.

Melissa Taylor: “The Clutch Bar is an actual experience where women can actually come in and paint their own clutch.”

Making your own work of art has never been easier. Just pick the clutch and design you want, and get colorful.

Melissa Taylor: “Each clutch is already pre-sketched, so that the women can actually know that their clutch will be painted with accuracy.”

Each class costs about $45 bucks, and it includes the bag, two sets of straps, and everything you need to feel like Art Basel’s finest.

And you’re guaranteed to leave with something that’s totally y-o-u.

Freya Adora, customer: “It’s exciting that we can actually customize our own and not wear somebody else’s.”

Paige Black, customer: “I’m painting this, and I’m gonna wear it. I painted something that meant something to me as well, so when I wear it, it’s just gonna be, you know, natural.”

Think of it as painting with a purpose, because while the classes are tons of fun, they’re also meant to be inspiring.

Melissa Taylor: “It’s not just a paint your own clutch experience. It’s also something very empowering for women. I want women to feel better than they felt when they walked in.”

Clutch Couture
20348 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 3316

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